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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bojagi by Chunghie Lee

One of the highlights of being in NYC was getting to spend a day with Helen.  

She came all the way from Long Island to attend the Bojagi exhibit with me.  What a treat!

The pieces are truly stunning.  

I was so fascinated by the hanging threads, that I forgot to take a photo of this whole piece.

In some of the pieces, Chunghie Lee silk-screened photos of many of the "no name women" who made beautiful bojagi centuries ago.  

The pieces are large and small.

This one was two layers of sheer fabric.  Some of what you see is showing through from the other side.


Later, we went to the Museum of Modern Art.  But no photos there.

Thank you, Helen, for a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day with Gwen

Yesterday I got to take a class with Gwen Marston! It was all about making 19th century applique. Here she is with one of her early pieces. I love Gwen's approach, steeped in history and playful at the same time. She is an excellent teacher and a real joy to be around.

Gwen and Tonya are buddies. So I brought one of my blocks from Tonya's book, Word Play Quilts.

Here's the piece I started in class. I thought I was going to make something else, but I was so inspired by Gwen's work and the older applique she showed.

When Gwen suggested we start with a vase, this picture came to mind. Can you tell?

Meanwhile, the Pojagi is growing. I'm thinking about adding a few more inches so it will fit in the back door window.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The current issue of Quiltmania magazine has a great article on Pojagi (or Bojagi), an old textile art from Korea. And I've become obsessed! I had an hour today to make this little bit, with many thanks to Victoria's tutorial at thesillyboodilly. Hers are absolutely stunning. I used some old shirts--one with tucks--and a few shot cottons. It's just a start. We'll see where it goes.

Aren't these beautiful?