Monday, August 30, 2010

So gratifying

Just got this photo from my friends Janet and Jen in NYC. Doesn't it just warm your heart to see one of your quilts in use?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scrappy Spider Web

After quilting three quilts in the last three weeks, I can honestly say I enjoy free-motion quilting! I thought I'd NEVER say that, not in a million years. I gave myself the goal of quilting three quilts this summer--the two in the last post and this one. They're not perfect, but that's fine with me. My only goal was to get them DONE. I figure a quilt, no matter how it's quilted, is better than a pieced top sitting in the cupboard.

This is the third in my series of "summer quilts," that is, quilts that I made over the last two summers. I knew I wouldn't want to work with these when the cooler weather came. I only like to work with colors of the season. Are you that way too?

Many thanks to Marit for her spiderweb tutorial.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Quilted at last!

The last few weeks, I've been quilting old tops from a year or two ago. This one's called "Green Spools" because it's made from 100% "green" (recycled) fabrics and, well, it's green. If you look closely, you can see the Old Navy signature on the grey spool.

I love fabrics from the 1970's, back when I was a teen and energetic young woman. The border fabric is from that era--you know--peace, love and flower power.

The back is from a garage sale. I love the old wall paper look.

This one I call "Sunshine and Scraps." It's inspired by one I saw on the Material Obsession site a few years ago. Everything came from my stash.

The Amy Butler fabric on the back came from a sale rack a few months ago.

Special thanks to Shelly for her encouragement about free-motion quilting. As she says, "Sit up straight, stick the girls out and breathe."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Play Houses

Thanks to Victoria, I've been playing with my scraps for the last month. Here's what they became, a two-sided wall quilt.

I pulled pieces randomly from my scrap bin, and enjoyed what the "scrap fairy" chose.

One psychological theory says that when a house shows up in a dream, it represents the inner psyche of the dreamer. Hmm.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Few Finishes

Finally quilted this top, which I made two years ago. It's a stack and cut pattern from the book, Certifiably Crazy, by Janet Nesbitt and Pam Soliday of Buggy Barn Quilts. I made it all from thrift store shirts. The shirt backs work nicely as fat quarters.

This fabric is on the back. I found it at Goodwill, 4 yards for about $2. This really took me down memory lane. In 1973, my high school graduation dress was made of the same fabric!

Here's another one made from those shirts. It's a pattern from Priscilla Bianchi's book, Caliente quilts!

This is the back. I found this fabric at a yard sale, and bought it all--I think I have 12 yards of it.

This quilt just came back from being quilted by the lovely Holly at The Quilting Loft. It's off to NYC for Janet and Jen's 10th anniversary! I thought it looked nice with the Johnson's Blue geraniums.