Monday, July 10, 2017

"Spare Parts" is Quilted!

Actually, it happened months ago, but I didn't have decent photos until now.  Meanwhile, it's been to two shows and it's been slept under a few times.  You can find the piecing story here.

"Spare Parts"  86" x 86"
It was quilted by the very talented Sharon Tucker.  

I just love what she did with it!

Here's "Spare Parts" with me at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last weekend.

"Cowgirl Dreams" came too.  And she sold!
It's the first time I've put a price tag on a quilt.
It makes me very happy to know that some cowgirl will be sleeping under it soon.
That's Mary Keasler from Tennessee with me.

Here's Mary with her fantastic "Sunday Best" quilt.

Besides the classes, quilts and fun quilt-makers at "Quilter's Affair" in Sisters,
the best thing about it is the community involvement.  
It appears that EVERYONE comes out to help.
Even the fire fighters help hang the show quilts early in the morning.

Sunday morning, after a week of classes and the Saturday show, 
the friendly people were still working.
This is what I saw when I picked up my quilt--
and these are only SOME of the many beauties we saw in the show!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cowgirl Dreams

"Cowgirl Dreams" 80 x 80"
I made this quilt top over two years ago, and finally got around to quilting it,
just in time for the local guild show in March.  
This is one that I can honestly say, "The fabric made me do it."
For the story and more fabric close ups, click here.

I decided to quilt it simply, in order to show off the print most clearly.

After stitching in "every stinkin' ditch," I cut a template and marked the curves.

Then I used the walking foot, which was pretty easy.  

On the rope, well, I had to follow it, right?  
This part I did with free motion quilting.  
Not perfect, but good enough.

A few nights before the show, I washed it, feeling quite happy.
Then the complications began.  
I hadn't pre-washed the red bandana backing
and some, not all, of the ivory fabrics had turned pink!  
Luckily, a few hours soak in the bathtub with Oxyclean removed all the pink.
It also destroyed the fake buckskin fringe on the border. 
Darn!  I cut it off carefully and got it to the show on time.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hello again!

Finally, a post!  
It's been a long, wet winter here in Seattle with no opportunities for outdoor photos.  
At last, we got a day with no rain and very little wind, 
so hubby and I got outside with quilts and camera.

Meanwhile, I've been watching what you've been making, 
and have finished a handful of projects. 
I'll post them one by one over the next few weeks.

First up, the "Haha" quilt top is complete!  It finished at 60" x 72".
(Story in the last post.)

Here's a photo from my sewing table as I made the blocks.

The back will be this fabric salvaged from old curtains found on eBay.
I'm looking forward to quilting it with machine and hand stitches.  

Instagram has also been a fun way to share and keep up with many of you.
If you haven't already, you can find me there @niftyquilts.  

Happy Spring!