Sunday, August 28, 2016

Playing with Plaids

I've been having fun with plaids, and finished this quilt top recently. 

"Plaids II" 58" x 76"

It's inspired by a quilt I've long admired, a 1930's quilt in Roberta Horton's collection.
It's shown in her book, "Scrap Quilts, The Art of Making Do."

All the plaids came from my stash, mostly shirts from the thrift store.

I made another quilt out of shirt plaids in 2013.

Earlier this summer, I received these wonderful madras plaids
from Beth in Houston.  
They came along with an adorable little pouch she'd made from a shirt cuff! 

I've also been cutting up my husband's old shirts.

Looks like there are more plaid quilts in my future!