Saturday, April 27, 2013

A finish, a start and a ribbon!

I finished this flimsy last night.  It's been in the works for over a year!

"Garnet Hill," 68" x 51"

Actually, it's been on my mind since I saw this folk art rug in the Garnet Hill catalog 5 years ago.

I made this block today.  It's the start of my summer scrap project.

And I won a ribbon for "Spring Equinox" at the local quilt show!  Quilted by Cindy Gilbrough.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Signs of Spring

I'm preparing for a 4-day retreat with Gwen Marston in June.  
We're going to make "Liberated Medallion Quilts."  

I chose this vintage Japanese yukata panel from Patricia Belyea's wonderful collection at Stashfest in LaConner last weekend.   It's a new challenge to work in a more simplistic, abstract style.  
I'm sure Gwen and the other participants will help.  

Pink "snow."

My first vegetable garden!

Happy Spring!

Friday, April 5, 2013

This just makes me happy

I've been in love with this quilt for a long time.  It's been on my computer screen for months, 
maybe even years.  I don't know where I found it. 

A few months ago, Julie sent me a box of blocks she'd bought on ebay.  
They came from a quilt top the seller said was made in the 1940's in Ohio.

I started embroidering the seams on my trip to NYC.
I thought that's what the maker would have done, if she'd finished the quilt.
I had planned to sash the blocks and make a simple lap quilt. 

But there I was in Victoria's loft, with all of her Lone Star quilts, 
plus that one on my computer screen and...

There are JUST enough blocks to make a 68" star and a 4" border!  
Don't you just love it when that happens?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Anna Williams Quilt at the Brooklyn Museum!

A big highlight of my trip to NYC was seeing a quilt by Anna Williams at the Brooklyn Museum.

There's a show there called "Workt by Hand, Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts."
There are many incredible quilts from the museum's collection.
You can see more photos at Helen's and Victoria's blogs.

It was Anna William's quilt that really captivated me.  

Made in 1995, it seemed to vibrate with joy and energy.

So many little pieces.

So many "ugly" fabrics--including sparkles!

I never thought I'd actually get to see one of her quilts up close.

Proof that there is "no scrap too small," and "no wish too big!"