Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Guess What!

You've got a friend in SIMPLY MODERNE!

This summer I got an email from Carol Veillon, creator of Quiltmania publications.
She and her husband, Jean, would be in Seattle.
Could she do an article about me and my quilts?  Sure!

A week later, they drove up on a motorcycle, leathers and all.
After coffee and a short conversation, we began digging through 
the nearly 50 quilts in my closet and made a very fun mess.  

She especially liked my quilts made with old clothing and other thrift store finds.  
Good thing, because that's the majority of my collection!

Santa, my only Christmas quilt, had to be included in the December issue, of course.  

I feel like Christmas has come early at my house.  
What a gift to be included in this beautiful publication!
Merci beaucoup Carol and all the staff at Quiltmania!!