Saturday, October 24, 2015

White and Red and Stitched All Over

I was at the beach last weekend, and used the opportunity to photograph my recent finish.

This quilt was started over three years ago! 

Most of the quilt is stitched in ivory perle 8--hard to see in the photo, but lovely up close.

The top row is stitched in red perle 8.  
Here you can see the large Baptist Fan design from Barb's wonderful stencil.  

The border is a table cloth I found in a thrift store in Norway several years ago.

The back is another thrift store find.

"Quadriga Aprinette?"  According to Google, it means "five sided apron."

Some good reminders from the beach.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gwen Marston Workshop

I got to take another workshop from my favorite teacher, Gwen Marston!
I've taken several workshops with Gwen, and I've learned something new each time.

Her message is always this, "Make YOUR OWN quilts."

When she pulled out this quilt, I was thrilled!
I saw it in one of her books years ago, and decided it's my favorite she's made.
She explained how she got the idea from an old quilt.  

Look at that quilting! All by hand, of course. 
The label shows she was making abstract quilts over 20 years ago.

Here are some students' work, all made in the two day workshop.

This one is mine.  It's the start of a background for a folk art appliqué.
I used Sujata's technique for making the broken dishes blocks.
The light ones are 2".  I've never worked so small.  
Crazy?  Maybe, but each one is so dang cute!

I feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunities to be around Gwen Marston.  
She, more than anyone, has shaped my ideas about quilt-making.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Two Great Quilt Shows

I saw two great quilt shows in the San Francisco area recently
featuring my favorite kind of quirky quilts!

The first was an exhibit curated by Roderick Kiracofe 

This was the entry, all sweet old quilt tops hung on clothespins.

Here are some of my favorites quilts, many are from Roderick's collection.
You'll recognize some of them from his wonderful book, 
It was thrilling to see them up close!

Dots and stripes!

All made of hat bands.

This one was particularly intriguing.  

All the pieces were sewn on only three sides!
Hmm, little pockets?

He also incorporated some newer quilts.

By Sarah Nishiura

By Joe Cunningham.

I got to visit with Roderick and have him sign my book!
If you'd like a signed copy, you can purchase it here.

The next exhibit featured quilts from Eli Leon's collection

Here are a few highlights. 

By Rosie Lee Tompkins

By Rosie Lee Tompkins

By Angie Tobias

By Mattie Pickett
Love that pink binding!

By Sherry Byrd

By Mattie Pickett
My favorite of all!