Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One Small Expression

It's been a sad week since the tragedy in Paris.  
But we are lifted by seeing the enormous numbers of individuals from all over the world who are expressing their solidarity in the fight for human rights.  

I, like many of you, have felt silenced, not knowing what to say or do in support.

Today Katell, my dear friend in France, offered news of many ways that stitchers are expressing their thoughts and feelings.  

"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" by Marie Christine Chasseraud

I was especially touched by Crayon and Pencil, maker of this quilt, who proposes an initiative for us:

For the unspeakable and to remember,
Let our needles go, 
Reaction to what happened  these last days, against obscurantism of any form,
but also for girls to go to school everywhere in the world …
let us sew, embroider, quilt a pencil on each  work this year !

So I have begun.