Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cowgirl Dreams

"Cowgirl Dreams" 80 x 80"
I made this quilt top over two years ago, and finally got around to quilting it,
just in time for the local guild show in March.  
This is one that I can honestly say, "The fabric made me do it."
For the story and more fabric close ups, click here.

I decided to quilt it simply, in order to show off the print most clearly.

After stitching in "every stinkin' ditch," I cut a template and marked the curves.

Then I used the walking foot, which was pretty easy.  

On the rope, well, I had to follow it, right?  
This part I did with free motion quilting.  
Not perfect, but good enough.

A few nights before the show, I washed it, feeling quite happy.
Then the complications began.  
I hadn't pre-washed the red bandana backing
and some, not all, of the ivory fabrics had turned pink!  
Luckily, a few hours soak in the bathtub with Oxyclean removed all the pink.
It also destroyed the fake buckskin fringe on the border. 
Darn!  I cut it off carefully and got it to the show on time.