Monday, March 28, 2016

Grandma's Peaches

"Grandma's Peaches" 46" x 62"

It started with a peach print blouse and thoughts about 
my grandmother, a Texas farm girl.  
One day she ate a peach while sitting on her front porch.
It was so delicious, she wondered if she could grow a tree of them. 
So she planted the pit in the ground.
A tree did grow, and then another and another.
One was planted in our backyard, 
but it was unhealthy and 
had to be taken down.  

I started the top in 2011 with Stella Pettway in Sisters, Oregon,

And finished it in 2013 with Loretta Bennett in Arlington, Washington.  
They both liked the story about my grandmother.

I finally got around to hand quilting it this year.  
I used Perle 8 cotton and Barb's Baptist fan stencil.  

I had fun working around the shirt pieces that I left in the quilt. 

For binding, I folded the backing fabric around and stitched it,
like the Gee's Bend gals do.  

Maybe the pocket will hold the next delicious peach pit
until it can be planted in the ground.