Friday, March 29, 2013

Bojagi by Chunghie Lee

One of the highlights of being in NYC was getting to spend a day with Helen.  

She came all the way from Long Island to attend the Bojagi exhibit with me.  What a treat!

The pieces are truly stunning.  

I was so fascinated by the hanging threads, that I forgot to take a photo of this whole piece.

In some of the pieces, Chunghie Lee silk-screened photos of many of the "no name women" who made beautiful bojagi centuries ago.  

The pieces are large and small.

This one was two layers of sheer fabric.  Some of what you see is showing through from the other side.


Later, we went to the Museum of Modern Art.  But no photos there.

Thank you, Helen, for a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New York State of Mind

I got to explore New York City last week!

Thanks to dear friend, Victoria.  My husband and I doggie-sat while she was teaching in Australia.

Here she is, just before leaving for the airport, putting the final touches on a new quilt design to show her students.  That girl is the "Energizer Bunny!"

It was cold for springtime.  It even snowed a few days.  

The buds were just ready to pop.  Here's a shot of Central Park.

Everyone we met was friendly and warm.  Even the buildings display sweet virtues.

The sidewalks do too.

Inspiration is everywhere.  How about these polka dots!

The Garment District is right outside her door.  

Mood Fabrics is one shop I visited.  

In the evenings, I played with Victoria's scraps.  

Jenny Egg kept me company in the studio.

Crosses in the living room inspired some 9-patches.

A tile floor design at the Metropolitan Museum of Art inspired a quilt.  
Or was this at Grand Central Station?  Anyway...

 I had to visit City Quilter to get some more fabric.  Great shop!

I decided I liked this layout better, but I'm not settled on it yet.  

So I turned to another project, and cut out pieces for a Lone Star from the blocks that Julie gave me.

I also visited two fantastic quilt shows.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013



A few months ago, Julie sent a box of 24 blocks from a quilt top she purchased on ebay. 
The seller said it was from Ohio and made around the 1940's.  
Julie said I'll "know what to do with them."  I hope she's right!  

 After being awe-struck over and over again at the beautiful old fabrics and petting them constantly, 
I decided to patch the few holes and embroider the fabric edges, 
similar to old crazy quilts.

I started with a simple blanket stitch, and decided I liked it.  It's also helping to reinforce the hand stitching that was done on foundations of various fabrics.  

It's fun to ponder about the original maker of this quilt, the sources of her fabrics, 
the purpose of the quilt, and the stories behind it.  

And Beth sent this lovely bag.  The image is from an old card that her mother had.  
Dogwoods and butterflies were my mother's favorites, and she was from Texas, like Beth.  
I love those sweet little coincidences.  It's perfect for carrying my embroidery thread.

On Friday, I'll travel to NYC to stay at Victoria's loft while she and her family go to Australia.  
I've never explored NYC, and I'm SO looking forward to it.
You can see what I'll be working on while keeping the dogs company!


The generosity of quilt-makers always astounds me!  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday