Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dancing with Fans

"Dancing Fans"  76" x 61"

I had fun playing with the many design possibilities of the fan blocks.  
It took awhile before the final idea "unfolded." ; )

It began with a charcoal background and layout inspired by this quilt.

 Then I visited my friend, Patricia, at Okan Arts
and bought some of her vintage yukata cotton for the border.  

The charcoal had to go.  And why not play with the fan setting?  
Hmm, wheels?

Straight rows?

On point?

One row up, the next row down?


Ah, now we're getting some movement.  I love the way they almost spin.  
This is the same design I settled on, but the fans aren't paired by color here.

Happy spring!  Wishing you lots of pink snow.