Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back to front binding tutorial

Since some of you asked, here's a tutorial on how I do a back to front binding--
that is, using your backing fabric as your binding.  

I got the idea from the Gee's Bend quilts.  
Mine is done a little differently than theirs, 
but it serves the same purpose.
I can hear the Gee's Bend gals saying,
"Why cut off good fabric when you can bring it around to the front?"   

I'll also show you what Gwen Marston taught us about 
making an extra wide binding, 
which is sometimes a good design element.   

If you want an extra wide binding, 
start by cutting your batting bigger than your quilt top.
I do this with scissors, so I don't cut into the backing fabric.
It's OK if the cutting line isn't perfectly straight. 
I made mine 1/2" bigger.

If you don't want the wider binding, 
just cut your batting to the edge of the quilt top. 
Scissors are still a good idea.

Next, cut the backing fabric.
I lined up my ruler with the quilt top edge, rather than the batting edge.
I cut the backing fabric 1-1/2" bigger than the top.

Then fold over and iron the edges on two opposite sides of the quilt.

If you want mitered corners,
 fold the fabric diagonally UP TO THE BATTING EDGE.  
Then fold and iron the other two sides of the quilt.

The corners will fall into place nicely.  Pin if you like.  
Stitch around the edge of the whole quilt by machine or by hand.

Voila!  Here's how it looks on the back.  
After cutting, this binding took less than an hour to complete!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Housetop" is Finished!

"Housetop," 60" x 60"

I finished hand-quilting this just in time for picnic season!
The top was made in a class with Gwen Marston back in February.
It's called "Housetop" because its inspiration came from the  
Gee's Bend quilt designs that go by the same name.

I quilted it with Barb's big fan stencil and #12 perle cotton.

It includes an old linen napkin and a scrap of polka dots from a friend in New York.

A lovely floral dress,

An old skirt,

An apron from the 60's or 70's,

And two tablecloths from the same era. 

Both were round and had 4" white fringe.  
Remember those out on the patio table?  

This wonderful Jane Sassaman print was perfect for the back. 

I made a wide back to front binding, like the Gee's Bend gals do.
(If anyone wants a tutorial on this, let me know.)

And it's already been launched with the first picnic of summer!

Happy summer--or winter--to you!