Sunday, March 22, 2015

Feast for the Eyes

I went to the show of Freddy Moran collage quilts at La Conner Quilt Museum yesterday.
WOW!  She is so very inspiring.  

Inspired by Edrica Huws, Freddy began making collage quilts when she turned 80.
She applies fabric pieces with a glue stick, 
and Judy Irish stitches them on with her playful quilting.
Enjoy the show!

Are you itching to get out your scraps and glue stick?  I am!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Five-Minute Quilt Sleeve

Rushing out the door today to deliver quilts for a show.  Oh no!  
I forgot to put a sleeve on one.  
What to do?

Good thing my friend, Patty, gave me this idea.
Yup, it's a couple of shirt sleeves, quickly attached with safety pins. 
Wa la!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Half Done!

I've been stitching this in the evenings with black perle 8 thread.
At first I only stitched around the appliqué edges and pieced seams.

Then I was inspired by Sujata's recent travels in India, and added more thread.
The lines are about 1/2" apart.  
I'm always astonished by how texture adds so much to a piece.

I'm so glad I spent the extra time.  I love running my fingers over it.

There are 48 blocks total, 24 more to go.  
Probably done by April.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cowgirl Dreams

"Cowgirl Dreams" 80" x 80"

This is one of those quilts where I can honestly say,
"The fabric made me do it."

Since before I started making quilts, I've been collecting fabric with a cowgirl theme. 
Some of it goes back to 1997!
I think it's because of watching all those TV Westerns as a kid.


One of my favorite things about this fabric is the names of the characters.
The cowgirls are Emmy Lou, Grace, Red, Ma, Kitty, Ginny, Nell, Jesse, Jolene and Rosa.

The cowboys are Hal, Hap, Slim, Squirt, Tex, Luke, Jeb, Rey, Gus and Pole Cat.

The horses are Sadie, Smoke, Maverick, Rio, Blanco, Big Star, Cookie, Juniper,
Mojave and Freckles.

A cowgirl needs her boots, too.  So they fit in the corner stars.

I decided it needed fringe, and found this fake buckskin.  Perfect!
I'm looking forward to quilting on those rope lines.

I think the cowgirl spirit might fit for all of us quilt-makers.

The pattern for this quilt comes from the book, Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again, 
by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran.
It tells how to make the large center star.  I added the corner stars and border.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A finish, a stencil, and a birthday!

"Mardi Gras"  74" x 60"
I've been quilting this for the last month.

The border is yukata cotton from Okan Arts.
I had fun outlining the leaves and flowers.

The fans are a mix of old shirts, plus new and vintage fabrics.

The binding is an old Ralph Lauren home decorator linen, 
leftover from a chair cover.  
I don't have the chair anymore, but I couldn't let go of this fabric!

The batting is Hobbs Tuscany cotton/wool mix, 
which gives the quilt extra crinkle when washed.

Last week I received this wonderful quilting stencil from Barb's new Etsy shop.
I'm thrilled with its nice large size!  

I'm going to use it to hand quilt this next spring.

First, I'll finish my winter project, which I started last night.

Now for the birthday news.  Tomorrow is my big six-oh!
It's a happy occasion for me.  I see it as the beginning of the "third act" in the play of life.

These blocks are going to be part of the Pi Project.
Did you know that Pi Day is 3/14/15?  
This one is very special because these are the first five digits of Pi.

I didn't know about it until my dear friend in France, Katell, announced it on her blog.
It took her post to tell me that the Pi Project is happening in my very own state!

They're making a long fabric ribbon with the digits in Pi.  They'll take as many 9.5" blocks 
as they can get, with a rough deadline of Feb 14.

Maybe your blocks will join mine!
The Pi Project, PO Box 2127, Vancouver, WA 98668

Click here for a wonderful showing of Pi blocks from France!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One Small Expression

It's been a sad week since the tragedy in Paris.  
But we are lifted by seeing the enormous numbers of individuals from all over the world who are expressing their solidarity in the fight for human rights.  

I, like many of you, have felt silenced, not knowing what to say or do in support.

Today Katell, my dear friend in France, offered news of many ways that stitchers are expressing their thoughts and feelings.  

"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" by Marie Christine Chasseraud

I was especially touched by Crayon and Pencil, maker of this quilt, who proposes an initiative for us:

For the unspeakable and to remember,
Let our needles go, 
Reaction to what happened  these last days, against obscurantism of any form,
but also for girls to go to school everywhere in the world …
let us sew, embroider, quilt a pencil on each  work this year !

So I have begun.